Monday, 28 January 2008

Who woulda thought

Sundays could be sich a good night out!!

i apologise for poor spelling, grammer and punctuation as it is, half 6 in the morning and I am just about to get into bed, the only reason I'm on my laptop being a very important order I need ot make before 12today....I plan to be alseep then so doing it now!!

my God it is a silly hour isn't it? We decided to go out for 'just the one' drink at about half 8 tonight...we ended up moving from Llloyds to O'neils to somewhere else that happened to be open at midnight on a Sunday (all I remember is paying £4 in!) and then calling booze 24 when we got in at was a good first night out after being ill!!

I need sleep now.

OK I apologise for the randomness of this as well as the poor English!

I blame being a student!!


Vi said...

Dammit, if I was only a student again! (Actually, never was, started working at the age of 16!)

Midnight said...

Those random nights out are the best!

Kitty said...

I don't remember writing that...