Monday, 7 January 2008

I'm so gonna fail!

I'm definitely using this blog for what it was designed for.

I SHOULD be revising for the incredibly long, boring and difficult exam I have tomorrow. The exam I have in the module I went to a grand total of 4 lectures for. The exam that is the most important one I will probably take this year.

Instead, I'm trying to work out how to tell you all about Thursday night and am browsing lots of random blogs to find some new reading material.

At lest I'm not going out getting pissed...I've been banned until Thursday night after my final exam..I'll be making up for it then, that's for sure!!!

So yeah....last was a messy, messy night.

You need some background first: I am...yes I really am...a very good girl. Before I came to university I had slept with exactly one boy and done nothing else with any other male. I didn't drink and I had never tried drugs. I'd also never been to a club (read all of that as over protective parents and a very big, big brother).

University became a bit of a turning point (my time to rebel). I now love going clubbing and tend to get a little bit tipsy, I didn't try any drugs while at uni....this is good.

Then I went home to London for Xmas and new years and decided to carry on with the rebelliousness....this is bad.

On New Years Eve my best girlfriend, my second best girlfriend and me were out in Leicester sq getting royally drunk and dancing like we weren't wearing 5 inch heels for a long, long time. I decided I was going to pull - slight problem: a severe lack of pullable material. I ended up snogging a 30something year old guy with a blonde beard and small eyes...this was not what I had planned! It didn't help that he thought my lips were for licking, not kissing and that he thought he could suck the skin off of my neck whilst I was dancing with my friends! Definitely not what I was hoping for and completely unsatisfying!

So on Thursday I was determined (you see how this turned messy...?) to have some fun!

I think I may have to cut this story a little short, I can hear you all yawning already.

Sam and I were out on our own, we'd been to the ice bar and had gotten a taxi to Leicester sq to have a few drinks in a bar there. We'd been nursing a pretty bottle of wine for a little while (we were a little inebriated from the cocktails earlier!) when a guy (Matt) and his friend (Craig) came to speak to us. We were all having a bit of a friendly chat when Matt invited me to join him upstairs. Well...upstairs is where the toilets are...nothing else. I'm not following him am I? noooo because I'm a good girl. Yeah! A good girl with a good 3/4 of a bottle of wine in her, 3 cocktails and a 'sensible' friend that has lost all sense of reality.

I went upstairs. I didn't do anything though, we just had a bit of a kiss and a grope.

It wasn't until we ended up in a hotel that things got truly messy...


stephen with a ph said...

When I was 20yrs old circa1980 I was a miner on strike and my girlfriend was studying at Liverpool University. I had loadsa spare time on my hands so I used to hitch-hike there and live the life of a student without the studying hehe!!
Hope you have as much fun there as I did all those years ago

stephen with a ph said...

Sorry that should have read 1984

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

oooo, that's what uni is for, to get messy! Can't wait for the rest of the story. Don't worry about the exam, I bet you'll cram at the last minute and succeed. That's what I do all the time with my work! lol

Midnight said...

Work hard and play hard. It's a great formula for success and a great future!

Kitty said...

Stephen - There really isn't a lot of studying happening in the first year!

Vi - I never thought it could get as messy as it did! And cramming is compulsary!

Middy - I prefer working at playing hard!