Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sniffle sniffle, cough cough

So the cold is now beginning to retreat, but I still feel like death warmed up.

I know i look it, I scared myself a little when I looked in the mirror this morning. How the guy that I woke up next to didn't run away screaming I have no idea.

No, I haven't been out on the pull while sneezing blue wkd everywhere...I pulled a guy the other night (thinking nothing of it really) and we've been chatting and txting and meeting up during uni for the past week or so. I told him I was snuffly and snotty the other day and he actually offered to come round and make me cuppa soups and tea.

Obvioulsy, I screamed noooooooooooo down the phone to him! I can't have someone who I actually fancy seeing me at my worst before he sees me at my best can I?? (best being ready for a night out but not drunk yet!!) But insist he did, and on Thursday afternoon he calls to say he's at the security door to my building and needs letting in cos it is, quite frankly, brass monkey weather outside.

I toddled outside wearing my scouse trackie to let him in, trying my hardest to not need a tissue before we got back to my room (I managed NOT to sneeze on him all the way to the flat yay!). He gave me a big cuddle, handed me a box of chicken cuppa soup and held my hand on the way upstairs.

He left midday today...we didn't had sex (eeewww that just wouldn't have been nice) but we spent a looooong time cuddling and kissing, he's coming back in a couple of days when I'll hopefully look a bit better and be less likely to make him as snotty as I've been! Bless him, he even went and got milk yesterday while I was still in bed!

You know...I really do quite like this guy...

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