Friday, 4 January 2008

Ice Ice Baby!!!

My best girlfriend from home and me went out last night and painted the town rose`!!! (we spilt half our bottle of wine all over the floor of the first place we went!...waste of £15!)

It was my last proper night out in London before I go back up North for uni, I don't go home til Monday but I'm not sure I can hack packing while hungover...I can barely hold my head up as I type this now.....Oh God I'm never drinking (quite that much) again!! And especially not in London...damn this palce is expensive!

(why are there so many exclamation marks in this so far??)

OK...gossip...lets see....

Well...the evening turned out well and was definitely my ex-buddy's loss (especially as my friend decided to text him that I was on a mission and he should join in!) since I ended up tottering home in my fabulous short shorts at about midday today....I have yet to sleep. It was certainly a night of new experiences, most of which I'm not mentioning just yet...I need to get my memories straight! There are a few gaps!! But they involved three people, some stairs, a bathroom and a bedroom...I think that's about right.

Oh! And if you happened to see a girl in fabulous short shorts standing around Oxford Circus last night...I'm not a hooker! Stop leering!!!


Midnight said...

Mmmm can't wait to hear the goss when you've sorted your head out! You should call in to the Midlands on your way home, I think those shorts would go down very well here!

Kitty said...

cheeky...hhmmm not sure whether that pun was intended or not! ;)

Midnight said...

And that's the way it should be! Leave a little intrigue to tantalise the mind? ;)