Thursday, 3 January 2008

Just to let you know....

I have this horrible disability.....

The lack of ability to EVER remember new passwords!!

You see, I know I shouldn't use the same one everywhere and that it shouldn't be an obvious one, so what do i do? I make up new ones that are totally unrelated to the purpose they're designed for everytime that I'm asked for one.

And because they're totally unrelate....I forget them every damn time!!!

Oh well, I've got this one sorted now so hopefully I'll be filling you in some time soon on my antics; especially since I'm back at uni on Monday!!!!

Off out tonight in a paire of short shorts and a backless top deespite the snow warning in search of some fun...mostly because my planned holiday fun has turned into a complete arse without the curtesy to even tell me he didn't want to come out to play.



Midnight said...

What a twat and what a waste! You in short shorts and a backless top would raise the temperature on a cold night, I have no doubt of that!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Sounds like you should be in Newcastle and not Liverpool with that outfit on!

Enjoy yourself!