Monday, 7 January 2008


...No not a swingers cruise (though wouldn't that be interesting?!?) but instead a fantastic phrase that I heard not twenty minutes ago from Mr Soldier-man.

It's basically another term for fuck buddies, but doesn't sound nicer? You know, you're having a conversation that moves towards your fuck buddy and someone inevitably asks "so you two are like...friends? Or something? but you just have sex and not much else?" or something along those lines; now I can reply "Well kinda...we have a a friendship....but quite possibly a lot more pleasurable!"

I like it.

On another note....I've forgotten the password to the email account that this blog belongs to and CANNOT remember it for the life of me. Gonna set up a new one and stick a link on the right hand side so if you ever wanna send me a lil bit of a private natter you can :)

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