Monday, 21 January 2008

Student behaviour (maybe 1 in a series)

I'm sitting here, on my freshly made bed, doing the most studenty of student activities.

No, I'm not getting drunk at 5pm in the afternoon, I'm copying my neighbours entire CD collection onto my computer to save myself the expense of buying about 50% of them with my own money (God forbid).

That's the beauty of living in halls...there are a million and six CDs at your fingertips! It eventually gets to the point when everyone has copied everyone elses CDs so that no matter which flat you're in, you can not only listen to their tunes, but listen to YOUR tunes too!

I love uni life.

Oh...could somone out there please persuade my flatmates that going out tonight is the best idea in the world please?! That is instead of going out Wednesday when they have the day off on Thursday but I have a 9am start!!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

'Freshly made bed?' That's not very studently!

Kitty said...

Ooohhhhh yes it is!

In this flat we often have freshly made've never known students with so many bedsets ;)