Thursday, 27 December 2007


I'm bored.

So very, very bored.

Why do my Christmas's mean sitting around a table with people I can't stand - people I moved to university to get away from - playing monopoly? Why?

Can't stand it.

So I'm sitting here at a stupidly early hour, ready for bed with my door locked to stop my parents walking in on my nakedness...they have zilcho sense of privacy and it's bloody well annoying.

Think I may have to make a phonecall in the morning and see if I can't sort out a little bit of fun with a certain male friend of mine.

Something to keep me occupied over the holidays ya'know?

Nighty Night all


Sunday, 23 December 2007

So yeah...

I'm a student in Liverpool, doing a BSc in something incredibly boring to anyone who doesn't get it and spending far too much time in Concert Sq!!!

I love being a student and have gotten up to some pretty studenty things since becomming one in September! In fact, before we left for the holidays my flatmates and I took inventory of all the silly things we have gotten up to....definitely blog worthy!! I'm sure it will continue well into the new year and hopefully it will keep you all amused!!

To be anonymous or not to be anonymous

That is a very important question!!!

You see, I'm not ashamed of anything I do, and - as a rule- I never regret anything (just put it down to experience) but do I want everyone knowing exactly who it is that does the shite that I do? Do I want everyone to know who it is that I get up to all that shite with?

Do I want my parents and big brother knowing it all?
Anonymous it is.

Oh yeah! My name's Kitty people...this is my mad, mad student life!