Monday, 28 January 2008

Who woulda thought

Sundays could be sich a good night out!!

i apologise for poor spelling, grammer and punctuation as it is, half 6 in the morning and I am just about to get into bed, the only reason I'm on my laptop being a very important order I need ot make before 12today....I plan to be alseep then so doing it now!!

my God it is a silly hour isn't it? We decided to go out for 'just the one' drink at about half 8 tonight...we ended up moving from Llloyds to O'neils to somewhere else that happened to be open at midnight on a Sunday (all I remember is paying £4 in!) and then calling booze 24 when we got in at was a good first night out after being ill!!

I need sleep now.

OK I apologise for the randomness of this as well as the poor English!

I blame being a student!!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sniffle sniffle, cough cough

So the cold is now beginning to retreat, but I still feel like death warmed up.

I know i look it, I scared myself a little when I looked in the mirror this morning. How the guy that I woke up next to didn't run away screaming I have no idea.

No, I haven't been out on the pull while sneezing blue wkd everywhere...I pulled a guy the other night (thinking nothing of it really) and we've been chatting and txting and meeting up during uni for the past week or so. I told him I was snuffly and snotty the other day and he actually offered to come round and make me cuppa soups and tea.

Obvioulsy, I screamed noooooooooooo down the phone to him! I can't have someone who I actually fancy seeing me at my worst before he sees me at my best can I?? (best being ready for a night out but not drunk yet!!) But insist he did, and on Thursday afternoon he calls to say he's at the security door to my building and needs letting in cos it is, quite frankly, brass monkey weather outside.

I toddled outside wearing my scouse trackie to let him in, trying my hardest to not need a tissue before we got back to my room (I managed NOT to sneeze on him all the way to the flat yay!). He gave me a big cuddle, handed me a box of chicken cuppa soup and held my hand on the way upstairs.

He left midday today...we didn't had sex (eeewww that just wouldn't have been nice) but we spent a looooong time cuddling and kissing, he's coming back in a couple of days when I'll hopefully look a bit better and be less likely to make him as snotty as I've been! Bless him, he even went and got milk yesterday while I was still in bed!

You know...I really do quite like this guy...

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Mental note

Mental note to self...

When body is less ill, must sort out a profile picture.

Suggestions are welcome.

Sweaty student life...

If only it was the kind of sweating that you suffer after 6 hours of partying or some good decent alternative exercise....

I resent my flatmates sooooo much right now! Why? Well, not only did we not make it out last night, but while watching the upteenth (boring) chick flick instead last night, one of them gave me a man-cold. because I'm a wimp and hate being ill.

In fact no, not man-cold, man-flu! because I DO have a temperature, I AM freezing cold and I AM sweating my theoretical bollocks off at the same time.

I hate feeling ill.

So I'm taking the day off, surrounded by chicken cuppa-soup, lots of tissues and a good book.


Monday, 21 January 2008

Student behaviour (maybe 1 in a series)

I'm sitting here, on my freshly made bed, doing the most studenty of student activities.

No, I'm not getting drunk at 5pm in the afternoon, I'm copying my neighbours entire CD collection onto my computer to save myself the expense of buying about 50% of them with my own money (God forbid).

That's the beauty of living in halls...there are a million and six CDs at your fingertips! It eventually gets to the point when everyone has copied everyone elses CDs so that no matter which flat you're in, you can not only listen to their tunes, but listen to YOUR tunes too!

I love uni life.

Oh...could somone out there please persuade my flatmates that going out tonight is the best idea in the world please?! That is instead of going out Wednesday when they have the day off on Thursday but I have a 9am start!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Checking in

Just a quick hi to let you know that I haven't died of alcohol poisoning (yet!!) and that I'm hoping to give you a bit of a gossip soon.

I have to dash, I'm off to a lecture...yes I'm actually going to them! I even spent three hours listening to a professor drone on about anatomy in the most monotomous voice in the world yesterday without dosing off! Go me!

Cell biology today...didn't I mention that my course was incredibly boring? Don't say I didn't warn you!

Catchya later people!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

You know you had a good night when....

It's two days later and you feel you are JUST about ready to venture out of the flat.

(though I haven't actually done that yet...not quite presentable!)

Thursday night was unbelievable! I got home from my exam at about half 6, Mandy and Charlotte were just getting in from doing some shopping and were debating dinner. We knew we were going out to get smashed so pasta was out of the question!

We hada nice prawn stirfry (loadsa veg in a sweet sauce = loadsa energy with minimal alcohol absorption!) and began to get ready. now the thing you need to understand is that after an exam (that went fine btw thanks for asking) and after a mega dinner getting ready takes a little bit longer than it normally would (the three vk's that I had while getting ready weren't hepling me move fast either of course)

We left the flat at 12, a third of a bottle of wine each and half a bottle of vodka between us...we were ready to party!!

Now this is the essence of being a true first year student: Leaving your flat as some people are already beginning to crawl home, walking like three divas down the road and walking straight into a club that has a queue halfway down the street....first years soon meet doormen and become friends with them! It helps that at least three doormen from three different clubs are on my course!

We ended up in the dingiest of clubs in Liverpool...Blue Angel, aka the Raz...this place is manky to the extreme but it is THE best place to end the night! Four fat frogs downed while there and a good bit of dirty (and sweaty) grinding with three hot guys in the basement meant that our night was complete. Time to to toddle home, shoes burning out feet...guys in tow. We had vodka at home...lets carry on with the party!!

We got back to the flat at 5, £30 poorer, three guys richer and not walking quite so sexily!

We kicked the guys out at about half 6...not sure they were too happy with that but that's tough. You danced with us, you drank our vodka, we had a laugh and a kiss...time for you to bugger off outta didn't expect more did you??!!

We are, afterall, very...very good girls!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

3 hours and counting

My final exam is in just over three hours...I can't wait! Once that is done I'm coming back to my flat, tarting myself up and grabbing the two girls in Liverpool and going out!! (hhmmm...jeans and heels or short shorts and higher heels? me decide!)

So yeah, instead of revising (I was hard at it yesterday afterall) I'm gonna see if I can finish Thursdays story while keeping myself painted in a good light.

Where were we? Oh that's right, Matt and I had been in the bathroom upstairs. I skipped over what happened a little bit...

As I came to the top of the stairs he took me by the hand (quite gently) and led me into the toilets. After shutting the door behind me he pushed me back against the door and kissed me deeply. Now if there is one thing that will make me anyone's, it has to be a decent kiss and this one was definitely that. One hand on my waist the other in my hair, he pushed himself up against me and the door. "So..." He said as the hand that was in my hair began to undo my short shorts and meander its way between my legs "I'm thinking that we go back to yours and have a bit more fun than we can in here" His fingers are doing magical things by now and my hands are inside his jeans (though I don't remember them getting there!). I told him we couldn't go back to mine due to the parental units and, annoyingly, he had the same problem...solution....a hotel?

He told me that he knew a hotel on the outskirts of Essex that was open all night that we could get to if we caught the last train. After a quick conversation with Sam (who was having a pretty good time with Craig I might add) we decided that we would go with them.

Remember I said I was a good girl? And sensible? Doesn't sound it especially does it? Well, let me explain myself a bit (and yes I do feel I have to): I knew the hotel he was talking about it as my brother used to be head doorman of a pub two buildings down. I know the current owner of said pub and despite my drunken state...I can run bloody fast in heels - I felt safe to go where we were going. The good girl part? I have no excuse...I'm a student!! I'm allowed to be naughty!!!

We encountered a slight problem when we got to the hotel; they were fully booked apart from one single and one triple room. There were four of us...we went for the triple and decided Matt and I got the double because he was paying for the room and Sam and Craig could squeeze into the single.

When we got to the room Sam and I had a quick discussion in the bathroom (as girls do). We could do anything we wanted...just refrain from making too much noise and making it obvious to each other!! We went back into the room and were lead to the beds by our boys.

To be honest, I didn't think Sam and Craig were enjoying each other as much as Matt and I were and this became apparent after about two hours when Sam was asleep and Craig was drinking from the tap in the bathroom and Matt and I were laying together enjoying each others bodies as quietly as possible.

What happened next...well...just what happened next!....Craig cam back into the room and sat at the end of our bed, he was looking at Sam as she slept and didn't seem particularly bothered. Matt tapped him on the shoulder while looking at me and said "why don't you get into bed with her?...Or us?" He raised his eyebrows at me and tilted his head, kinda asking me if it was OK, but mostly being a cheeky bugger. I heard myself saying "yeah, get in with us" before my brain kicked into gear. He didn't need telling again and was soon laying on the other side of me.

And so Kitty is no longer as inexperienced as she likes to claim she is.

Oh dear I think I need to behave myself tonight!!

Monday, 7 January 2008

I'm so gonna fail!

I'm definitely using this blog for what it was designed for.

I SHOULD be revising for the incredibly long, boring and difficult exam I have tomorrow. The exam I have in the module I went to a grand total of 4 lectures for. The exam that is the most important one I will probably take this year.

Instead, I'm trying to work out how to tell you all about Thursday night and am browsing lots of random blogs to find some new reading material.

At lest I'm not going out getting pissed...I've been banned until Thursday night after my final exam..I'll be making up for it then, that's for sure!!!

So yeah....last was a messy, messy night.

You need some background first: I am...yes I really am...a very good girl. Before I came to university I had slept with exactly one boy and done nothing else with any other male. I didn't drink and I had never tried drugs. I'd also never been to a club (read all of that as over protective parents and a very big, big brother).

University became a bit of a turning point (my time to rebel). I now love going clubbing and tend to get a little bit tipsy, I didn't try any drugs while at uni....this is good.

Then I went home to London for Xmas and new years and decided to carry on with the rebelliousness....this is bad.

On New Years Eve my best girlfriend, my second best girlfriend and me were out in Leicester sq getting royally drunk and dancing like we weren't wearing 5 inch heels for a long, long time. I decided I was going to pull - slight problem: a severe lack of pullable material. I ended up snogging a 30something year old guy with a blonde beard and small eyes...this was not what I had planned! It didn't help that he thought my lips were for licking, not kissing and that he thought he could suck the skin off of my neck whilst I was dancing with my friends! Definitely not what I was hoping for and completely unsatisfying!

So on Thursday I was determined (you see how this turned messy...?) to have some fun!

I think I may have to cut this story a little short, I can hear you all yawning already.

Sam and I were out on our own, we'd been to the ice bar and had gotten a taxi to Leicester sq to have a few drinks in a bar there. We'd been nursing a pretty bottle of wine for a little while (we were a little inebriated from the cocktails earlier!) when a guy (Matt) and his friend (Craig) came to speak to us. We were all having a bit of a friendly chat when Matt invited me to join him upstairs. Well...upstairs is where the toilets are...nothing else. I'm not following him am I? noooo because I'm a good girl. Yeah! A good girl with a good 3/4 of a bottle of wine in her, 3 cocktails and a 'sensible' friend that has lost all sense of reality.

I went upstairs. I didn't do anything though, we just had a bit of a kiss and a grope.

It wasn't until we ended up in a hotel that things got truly messy...


...No not a swingers cruise (though wouldn't that be interesting?!?) but instead a fantastic phrase that I heard not twenty minutes ago from Mr Soldier-man.

It's basically another term for fuck buddies, but doesn't sound nicer? You know, you're having a conversation that moves towards your fuck buddy and someone inevitably asks "so you two are like...friends? Or something? but you just have sex and not much else?" or something along those lines; now I can reply "Well kinda...we have a a friendship....but quite possibly a lot more pleasurable!"

I like it.

On another note....I've forgotten the password to the email account that this blog belongs to and CANNOT remember it for the life of me. Gonna set up a new one and stick a link on the right hand side so if you ever wanna send me a lil bit of a private natter you can :)

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Slight change of plans...

I'm back in Liverpool today instead of tomorrow, slight argument with the folks and I had to skidaddle this morning to stop the very hihg possibility that someone was going to end up arrested for murder at some point in the day.

Oh well! I'm back in MY room in MY flat and I can do anything I want!! (not that I exactly behaved while I was in London!!)

One slight problem....the damn city is a ghost town! Most of the students (which make a up a pretty good proportion of the population) aren't back until later in the week, which leaves me with the problem of trying to find something to do while all on my lonesome.

I wonder what I can find to do??

Friday, 4 January 2008


Seriosuly, how is this possible???

I STILL haven't been to sleep, not that I haven't tried, I just can't sleep!!!

I've been awake since 7:30am yesterday and spent a good 6 hours drinking and dancing, followed by a few more hours of alternative exercise!

Dear God I want to get to sleep!

Ice Ice Baby!!!

My best girlfriend from home and me went out last night and painted the town rose`!!! (we spilt half our bottle of wine all over the floor of the first place we went!...waste of £15!)

It was my last proper night out in London before I go back up North for uni, I don't go home til Monday but I'm not sure I can hack packing while hungover...I can barely hold my head up as I type this now.....Oh God I'm never drinking (quite that much) again!! And especially not in London...damn this palce is expensive!

(why are there so many exclamation marks in this so far??)

OK...gossip...lets see....

Well...the evening turned out well and was definitely my ex-buddy's loss (especially as my friend decided to text him that I was on a mission and he should join in!) since I ended up tottering home in my fabulous short shorts at about midday today....I have yet to sleep. It was certainly a night of new experiences, most of which I'm not mentioning just yet...I need to get my memories straight! There are a few gaps!! But they involved three people, some stairs, a bathroom and a bedroom...I think that's about right.

Oh! And if you happened to see a girl in fabulous short shorts standing around Oxford Circus last night...I'm not a hooker! Stop leering!!!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Just to let you know....

I have this horrible disability.....

The lack of ability to EVER remember new passwords!!

You see, I know I shouldn't use the same one everywhere and that it shouldn't be an obvious one, so what do i do? I make up new ones that are totally unrelated to the purpose they're designed for everytime that I'm asked for one.

And because they're totally unrelate....I forget them every damn time!!!

Oh well, I've got this one sorted now so hopefully I'll be filling you in some time soon on my antics; especially since I'm back at uni on Monday!!!!

Off out tonight in a paire of short shorts and a backless top deespite the snow warning in search of some fun...mostly because my planned holiday fun has turned into a complete arse without the curtesy to even tell me he didn't want to come out to play.