Monday, 11 February 2008

Sunday nights are becomming a [bad] habbit.

had tgo come home early, got to catch flight to somewhere in med at 9pm tomo........a lot more drunk than should be right now....why do i feel need to post wgen blocked????!!!!!

wwoooo sun, sea, sand sex as chicken soup boy is being a darling now (date yesterday went well) sooooonnnnn!!! sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i apologhise.....will try and make sense tomorrow (well, technically later today!).

love you allll!!!

(email me more!!!!))

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Pancakes, pancakes and BLEUGH more pancakes!

Yes....we made (and ate) far too many pancakes today!!

It started innocent enough; one bowl = one lot of batter with two pans to make them in. (and YES we made our own battter!)

The problem started when that batter looked too thick and someone wanted thin ones, so another batch was made...then they were too runny so another lot was made.

Who the fuck are we?? Goldielocks'?!?!?

So yeah, four batches of pancake batter, three deep fried mars bars and ffaaarrrrr too much chocolate syrup later I feel a lil bit queasy to say the least!

I also have half a lb of flour in my hair!!

On the chicken soup boy front, I spoke to him last night and apparently his phone is on the fritz (to be fair it was when he was here...the screen is fucked but it rings fine!!) and thats why he didnt reply to txts and he was working so couldnt answer....apparently nothing is wrong....

I'm not so sure, and to be honest, I am properly upset because I did really like him and did have a great time with him. Both the naughty and not-so-naughty kind.

Guess he didn't?

Monday, 4 February 2008

I hate being a girl

It really is unfair to be born a female you know.

I mean, yes we have boobs and, yes, we have to ability to have multiple orgasm and, of course, many of us have an innate ability to manipulate men to do our bidding, but after that...well it's pretty shite.

And I'm not going to go on some feminist power trip or talk about periods and giving birth here.

Nah, I'm talking emotional shite.

You see, the thing is, there is a rule in society that says women cannot have sex without emotional attachment.

This is...bollocks.

Well, not entirely, as I do know a couple of girls that would never have sex with a bloke unless they felt an emotional connection, but that doesn't mean they are incapable of the act. And I definitely know a good majority of my friends (including myself) that are perfectly capable of having it off with a bloke simply for sexual gratification with no other alternative motives or feelings.

The problem isn't forming an emotional attachment after any random sexual encounter, but rather dealing with those emotions that appear to be much deeper than a blokes' (in general) once you do find someone you want to form said feelings for...and how do we get rid of those feelings? I personally believe that being a girl dooms us to feeling horrible, horrible, sickening feelings once we (and I hate this phrase) 'fall for a bloke'.

Well, no, that isn't strictly true. The "ooh I really like him and he likes me so this is going to be fun with lots of sex and cuddles" sort of emotions and feelings are great. Its when you start getting negative thoughts because of those that, things go in the shitter. The "how comes he didn't want to see me? Is he going off me, have I done I fat?!?!?" thoughts.

Yes I'm having a neurotic attack at the moment and need to vent.

You see I've been casually seeing a guy for the past couple of weeks (chicken soup boy) and we decided that we're going to make it more than casual just over a week ago. We've spent a few days and nights together since and as far as I know everything is(was) hunky dorey. But I got a text from him on Saturday night asking where I was, I replied that I was with a close girlfriend of mine (which I was) but would call him later if he wanted.

No reply.

I called.

No answer.

Fine, no problem he's probably out with his boys and didn't hear his phone, or he's in bed (it was about half 12 when I called) as he's been working loads this week.

So on Sunday, on my way home from my mates I called him again.

No answer. it is strange as we usually spend most of Sundays together or on the phone. Didn't really bother me though so left it a few hours, sent him a txt to say I was home and that he could come round if he wanted as the rest of the girls were out and we could be alone (for once! ha!).

No reply.

No phone call.

Now its 5pm on Monday and




I'm not a happy Kitty, I know I'm being neurotic, but, like I said: tis the women's curse.

There is a strong possibility he has no credit...but then why doesn't he answer?

Grrr, I'm not obsessive I swear, just....a little peeved.

And suffering stomach cramps and nasty mood swings due to a stupid, annoying, titwrenchingly twat of a period.

I hate being a girl.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Student behaviour (number 2 in a series)

Students don't really go out on Friday nights.

Or Saturday nights.

But we can be found stumbing home at 4am from Monday (or Sunday) to Thursday any given week of the year.

Weekends are stupidly expensive, for example:

Thursday night at Garlands...£4. Saturday night at Garlands...£10...that's entry before you even THINK about buying a drink.

Sunday-thurs at Lloyds...all bottles £1.60. Friday & Saturday....I can't bring myself to type the price it's so horrific!!

And so, if you want a good student free night, start getting ready now and YOU can pay those stupid prices while we get absolutely trashed for £20 on Monday!!!