Friday, 1 February 2008

Student behaviour (number 2 in a series)

Students don't really go out on Friday nights.

Or Saturday nights.

But we can be found stumbing home at 4am from Monday (or Sunday) to Thursday any given week of the year.

Weekends are stupidly expensive, for example:

Thursday night at Garlands...£4. Saturday night at Garlands...£10...that's entry before you even THINK about buying a drink.

Sunday-thurs at Lloyds...all bottles £1.60. Friday & Saturday....I can't bring myself to type the price it's so horrific!!

And so, if you want a good student free night, start getting ready now and YOU can pay those stupid prices while we get absolutely trashed for £20 on Monday!!!

1 comment:

Vi said...

Gawd, I couldn't even THINK about going out on a Monday night. Fortunately, in Blah, all prices stay the same from one day to the next.