Thursday, 10 January 2008

3 hours and counting

My final exam is in just over three hours...I can't wait! Once that is done I'm coming back to my flat, tarting myself up and grabbing the two girls in Liverpool and going out!! (hhmmm...jeans and heels or short shorts and higher heels? me decide!)

So yeah, instead of revising (I was hard at it yesterday afterall) I'm gonna see if I can finish Thursdays story while keeping myself painted in a good light.

Where were we? Oh that's right, Matt and I had been in the bathroom upstairs. I skipped over what happened a little bit...

As I came to the top of the stairs he took me by the hand (quite gently) and led me into the toilets. After shutting the door behind me he pushed me back against the door and kissed me deeply. Now if there is one thing that will make me anyone's, it has to be a decent kiss and this one was definitely that. One hand on my waist the other in my hair, he pushed himself up against me and the door. "So..." He said as the hand that was in my hair began to undo my short shorts and meander its way between my legs "I'm thinking that we go back to yours and have a bit more fun than we can in here" His fingers are doing magical things by now and my hands are inside his jeans (though I don't remember them getting there!). I told him we couldn't go back to mine due to the parental units and, annoyingly, he had the same problem...solution....a hotel?

He told me that he knew a hotel on the outskirts of Essex that was open all night that we could get to if we caught the last train. After a quick conversation with Sam (who was having a pretty good time with Craig I might add) we decided that we would go with them.

Remember I said I was a good girl? And sensible? Doesn't sound it especially does it? Well, let me explain myself a bit (and yes I do feel I have to): I knew the hotel he was talking about it as my brother used to be head doorman of a pub two buildings down. I know the current owner of said pub and despite my drunken state...I can run bloody fast in heels - I felt safe to go where we were going. The good girl part? I have no excuse...I'm a student!! I'm allowed to be naughty!!!

We encountered a slight problem when we got to the hotel; they were fully booked apart from one single and one triple room. There were four of us...we went for the triple and decided Matt and I got the double because he was paying for the room and Sam and Craig could squeeze into the single.

When we got to the room Sam and I had a quick discussion in the bathroom (as girls do). We could do anything we wanted...just refrain from making too much noise and making it obvious to each other!! We went back into the room and were lead to the beds by our boys.

To be honest, I didn't think Sam and Craig were enjoying each other as much as Matt and I were and this became apparent after about two hours when Sam was asleep and Craig was drinking from the tap in the bathroom and Matt and I were laying together enjoying each others bodies as quietly as possible.

What happened next...well...just what happened next!....Craig cam back into the room and sat at the end of our bed, he was looking at Sam as she slept and didn't seem particularly bothered. Matt tapped him on the shoulder while looking at me and said "why don't you get into bed with her?...Or us?" He raised his eyebrows at me and tilted his head, kinda asking me if it was OK, but mostly being a cheeky bugger. I heard myself saying "yeah, get in with us" before my brain kicked into gear. He didn't need telling again and was soon laying on the other side of me.

And so Kitty is no longer as inexperienced as she likes to claim she is.

Oh dear I think I need to behave myself tonight!!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Oh come on! You can't end it there!!!!!!

stephen with a ph said...

I'm with Vi on this one....more details please ;-)

Midnight said...

Well well you naughty kitty!

Actually I think you were right to end it there. Ooh the suspense! It's better than sex in the city.

Kitty said...

C'mon guys! I have to leave some things to the imagination!! All I can say is...think dirty, think loud, think...seriously good fun!

Middy...better than sex in the city?? This IS sex in the city!! I'm just not telling anyone which girl I am ;)