Saturday, 12 January 2008

You know you had a good night when....

It's two days later and you feel you are JUST about ready to venture out of the flat.

(though I haven't actually done that yet...not quite presentable!)

Thursday night was unbelievable! I got home from my exam at about half 6, Mandy and Charlotte were just getting in from doing some shopping and were debating dinner. We knew we were going out to get smashed so pasta was out of the question!

We hada nice prawn stirfry (loadsa veg in a sweet sauce = loadsa energy with minimal alcohol absorption!) and began to get ready. now the thing you need to understand is that after an exam (that went fine btw thanks for asking) and after a mega dinner getting ready takes a little bit longer than it normally would (the three vk's that I had while getting ready weren't hepling me move fast either of course)

We left the flat at 12, a third of a bottle of wine each and half a bottle of vodka between us...we were ready to party!!

Now this is the essence of being a true first year student: Leaving your flat as some people are already beginning to crawl home, walking like three divas down the road and walking straight into a club that has a queue halfway down the street....first years soon meet doormen and become friends with them! It helps that at least three doormen from three different clubs are on my course!

We ended up in the dingiest of clubs in Liverpool...Blue Angel, aka the Raz...this place is manky to the extreme but it is THE best place to end the night! Four fat frogs downed while there and a good bit of dirty (and sweaty) grinding with three hot guys in the basement meant that our night was complete. Time to to toddle home, shoes burning out feet...guys in tow. We had vodka at home...lets carry on with the party!!

We got back to the flat at 5, £30 poorer, three guys richer and not walking quite so sexily!

We kicked the guys out at about half 6...not sure they were too happy with that but that's tough. You danced with us, you drank our vodka, we had a laugh and a kiss...time for you to bugger off outta didn't expect more did you??!!

We are, afterall, very...very good girls!

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Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

LOL, starting off the night at the place everybody ends up at! Good call!