Monday, 11 February 2008

Sunday nights are becomming a [bad] habbit.

had tgo come home early, got to catch flight to somewhere in med at 9pm tomo........a lot more drunk than should be right now....why do i feel need to post wgen blocked????!!!!!

wwoooo sun, sea, sand sex as chicken soup boy is being a darling now (date yesterday went well) sooooonnnnn!!! sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i apologhise.....will try and make sense tomorrow (well, technically later today!).

love you allll!!!

(email me more!!!!))


Vi said...

Have a great hol if you don't get to post again. Glad to hear chicken soup boy is going well. But no sex? Are you two actually 'an item' now?

Midnight said...

This is a long break, you student's get such good holidays!

Anonymous said...

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