Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Pancakes, pancakes and BLEUGH more pancakes!

Yes....we made (and ate) far too many pancakes today!!

It started innocent enough; one bowl = one lot of batter with two pans to make them in. (and YES we made our own battter!)

The problem started when that batter looked too thick and someone wanted thin ones, so another batch was made...then they were too runny so another lot was made.

Who the fuck are we?? Goldielocks'?!?!?

So yeah, four batches of pancake batter, three deep fried mars bars and ffaaarrrrr too much chocolate syrup later I feel a lil bit queasy to say the least!

I also have half a lb of flour in my hair!!

On the chicken soup boy front, I spoke to him last night and apparently his phone is on the fritz (to be fair it was when he was here...the screen is fucked but it rings fine!!) and thats why he didnt reply to txts and he was working so couldnt answer....apparently nothing is wrong....

I'm not so sure, and to be honest, I am properly upset because I did really like him and did have a great time with him. Both the naughty and not-so-naughty kind.

Guess he didn't?


Vi said...

No wonder you feel ill after deep fried mars bars! (never could get my head around that one!)

Don't worry I reckon you'll hear from chicken soup boy again. But... sorry to put a but in here..when you start a relationship 'just for fun' it never ends that way. Someone always falls that little bit more (normally the female). Been there, done that.

Kitty said...

Well, we had said that this was more than 'just for fun'ness, though obviously I feel more than him at the mo. He called yesterday and wants to take me out this weekend ( will be our first real 'date') so we'll see what happens then!

Oh and deep fried mars bars...sooo much nicer than you think! First time I tried them on Tues...though I won't be trying again I need my bikini body sorted!!!!